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Bubble Tea Slomki do picia 1400 sztuk

Bubble Tea Slomki do picia 1400 sztuk

cena opcji podstawowej 51,99 EUR

plus 19 % VAT nie zaw.

Space Wars Playset Sorting 6-piece

Space Wars Playset Sorting 6-piece
cena opcji podstawowej 13,64 EUR
plus 19 % VAT nie zaw.
EAN/PZN: 4250230330873
Verfügbarkeit/Lieferzeit: 3-4 Werktage
Minimum purchased quantity 4 pieces
Material plastic, LED technology, Battery included

Additional Item Description:

Article type: 6-pcs. Game set sorting
Kind of Item: 6 pcs
Kit contents: gun, shield, mask, discshooter, sword, disc.
Lighting gun: orange flashing
Lighting sword: blue or red, luminous
Sound: Pistol: Trigger. Sword: On, Off, Shake.
Size mask: about 22cm x 18cm
Size plate: approx. 32cm x 18cm
Size gun: about 15cm x 12cm
Luminous intensity: approx. 46cm - 65cm variable

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Sale takes place in this shop always in complete packaging units (PU) .. every once each VE is the minimum purchase quantity for the specified item. Please consider this when you activate your order.

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